Wikidata Concepts Monitor

How is Wikidata used across the Wikimedia sister projects?

0. What is this?

Wikidata Concepts Monitor (WDCM) is a system of dashboards that monitor the usage of Wikidata items on WMF sister projects. The dashboards are currently supported by (1) analytical overviews of Wikidata item usage that are organized in a number of semantic categories, (2) per sister project analytical overviews of Wikidata item usage, and (3) distributional semantics models of Wikidata usage that offer analytical insights into the structure of Wikidata item usage similarity across the sister projects and/or semantic categories of Wikidata items.

In other words, here you can discover how much does a particular project use Wikidata, what semantic categories of Wikidata items are more popular in a particular project or a subset of projects, how similar are two or more projects in respect to the way they utilize Wikidata, what are the most popular Wikidata items in a particular project or a set of projects, and similar.

1. Getting started

In order to be able to use the WDCM system in a way it was ment and designed to be used, i.e. with a clear understanding of what is it built for and why it was built that way, you probably need to get to learn about some important WDCM definitions (and the constraints that dictated them) first. You can do that by reading through the Definitions section of the WDCM Wikitech Technical Documentation . Do not panic, please: it is written in a language that a non-technical person who does not necessarily care about Data Science or Cognitive Science can understand.

Obviously, the current version of the WDCM system focuses on Wikidata item usage.

To start browsing the WDCM system, a list of currently available dashboards is provided on the navigation sidebar to the right.

2. Who built the WDCM system?

The WDCM system is developed by Goran S. Milovanović, Data Scientist, Wikimedia Foundaiton Deutschland, with a help of many people to prepare complex ETL procedures and productionize the system, such as Dan Florin Andreescu, Software engineer, Wikimedia Foundation, and Adam Shorland, Software Developer, Wikimedia Foundation Deutschland. Lydia Pintcher, Product Manager of Wikidata, Wikimedia Deutschland, supervised the development of the system and contributed the currently used WDCM Semantic Taxonomy that the system relies on.  The software development of the WDCM system is supervised by Tobias Gritschacher, Engineering Manager, Wikimedia Foundation Deutschland, while Jan Dittrich, UX Design / Research, Wikimedia Foundation Deutschland supervises the UI/UX aspects.The write-ups of the previous experiences in managing Shiny Dashboards on behalf of Mikhail Popov and the team that built our Discovery Dashboards were very helpful in the development of the WDCM Dashboards. Of course, enlightening discussions with Aaron Halfaker, Research Scientist, Wikimedia Foundation, and his team.

3. How does it work?

The WDCM Wikitech Technical Documentation should be providing enough information in respect to how WDCM works. To put it in a nutshell, the current version of the WDCM system is fully developed in R, and supported by Apache Hive and  Apache Sqoop to enable Big Data processing of the wbc_entity_usage tables that provide for Wikidata usage client-side tracking over sister projects. MariaDB runs the WDCM dashboards back-end support, while the dashboards themselves are built in the RStudio Shiny framework and hosted by an open source version of the RStudio Shiny Server. The WDCM Engine scripts perform many data pre-processing procedures before the machine learning phase takes over to deliver the results to the front-end, utilizing Latent Dirichlet Allocation and t-SNE among other algorithms. The front-end data visualizations are developed primarily in {ggplot2}, {visNetwork}, and {rBokeh}.

4. Getting in touch and contributing

Any ideas and contributions are, of course, welcome. If you have anything on your mind you should not hesitate to contact Goran S. Milovanovic, Data Scientist,, IRC e-mail:nickname: goransm.

WDCM Dashboards

WDCM Overview

WDCM Overview
The Overview Dashboard provided an introductory overview - the "big picture" of Wikidata usage.

WDCM Usage

WDCM Usage
The Usage Dashboard provides a thorough insight into Wikidata usage across the sister projects and semantic categories.

WDCM Semantics

WDCM Semantics
The Semantics Dashboard provides an insight into the distributional semantics of Wikidata usage.


The Geo Dashboard provides interactive Leaflet maps of Wikidata items and their usage statistics.

WDCM Structure

The Structure Dashboard provides interactive semantic graphs of P31 and P279 paths from the desired Wikidata items.

WDCM on Wikitech


WDCM on Wikidata

This page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. All the WDCM code is available under the GPL v2 Licence. All WDCM code is hosted on Gerrit and mirrored on Diffusion.